Everything has a meaning!

Your Family Martial Arts School

Everything has a meaning!

Did you know that when Grand Master Oh started his schools that he did everything with a specific intent?  That even our patch that we wear on our uniform has specific meanings?  Take a look at the picture of the Patch beside us while you read this.

  • The outer Circle and the blue Colour (The patch is Blue) is the World.
  • The Writing and Lines “Chung Oh’s Tae Kwon Do” between the outer and inner circle is Chung Oh’s  in the world
  • The Inner Circle is you in Chung Oh’s School
  • The Lion is the Symbol of strength for the West.  The Tiger is the symbol of strength for the East. The writing in between them is Korean for Tae Kwon Do. So in You East meets West through Tae Kwon Do.
  • The Wreath at the top symbolizes Peace. The Fist within the wreath represents the fighting discipline of Tae Kwon Do.  We are trying to achieve peace through our discipline

And you thought it was just a patch!

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